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Born in Goshen, In. in an Amish home, Mary was saved, baptized and married in the Mennonite church. She began singing at a very early age and saw how music affected people. She made her very first recording back in the 1970’s while attending a private Mennonite school in Dover, Delaware. The group she sang in consisted of 8 girls along with her teacher. They performed at various churches. This was a major highlight in her life.

Her lifelong dream has always been to have a professional singing career and family music group. She began teaching her children to sing harmonies at young ages. Mary is an accomplished songwriter, plays the keyboard and helps arrange their music. Mary does the vocals for their family music group along with her son. She is active in the ministry’s office and does weekly jail ministry. She also assists her husband with Truth seminars and evangelistic services in prison.

Mary feels so blessed today to be “living a dream” and is excited to encourage and inspire others to never give up on their dreams. “No matter where you come from,” she says, “anything is possible.”

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