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Born in Garnett Kansas, Galen spent the first 6 years of his life living in an Amish home without electricity, indoor plumbing, radio, TV or cars. Upon his family moving to Iowa, his early years consisted of a combination of private and public schools graduating from the 8th grade at age 13. He committed his life to Christ at the age of ten in a small Mennonite church. Within a year, he had a spiritual experience at an Assembly of God Church during a Sunday evening singing. This birthed a dream to someday sing and travel with his family.

His family moved to Paris, TX in pursuit of pioneering a Mennonite church in 1979. He met Mary whose family also moved to Texas that same year. They married in 1981 and purchased an automotive repair shop that had been repossessed three times by the same banker. With only $32.00 in his pocket and a commitment he started a career that would eventually raise his family, educate his children and launch his now full time ministry.

At age 26 Galen’s life came apart at the seams. He left everything and moved his family 9 hours south of the border, deep into the heart of Mexico. After an incredible spiritual awakening he returned to the United States and started his business back up, only to sell out again in 2000. During these 10 years he travelled extensively to Mexico, Israel, Ukraine, Europe, Canada, and Nicaragua where he ministered in prisons, jails and orphanages. He and his family have been on the road singing and ministering full-time for 10 years. Galen is a motivational speaker and conducts re-entry seminars in the prison system. He also ministers in drug rehabs and shelters across the nation. As part of their family band he plays the bass guitar and is the master of ceremonies. All the booking for their concerts and prison dates is done by Galen as well as maintaining and driving the bus.

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