Genuine compassion is the cornerstone of the mission at Straight from the Heart Ministries, Inc. Working under the authority of Compassion International, a non-profit organization, that has provided children with meals, school supplies, clothing, shoes, and medical assistance. since 1952. Compassion’s efforts are not just rooted in the physical well being of these children, but also extends to their spiritual health as well.

Act now from your heart and save the life of a child!

Straight from the Heart Ministries, Inc. recognizes how important it is to help save the lives of these Nicaraguan children. Traveling across the United States, SFTHmin is requesting sponsorships for children from these outlying communities. The primary focus for this missionary effort is spiritual salvation.

Every Compassion Project is directly connected to a local church and often led by the pastor of that church. By sponsoring a child for just thirty-eight dollars ($38.00) a month, your child will be educated and cared for, enabling him/her to grow up in a healthier and safer community. Straight from the Heart Ministries, Inc. travels annually to Nicaragua with hundreds of bibles, gospel tracts, balloons, coloring books and beanie babies, also presenting a puppet show for the children.

Straight From The Heart‘s goal is to place a bible, autographed by “YOU” in the hand of every child in their selected four Compassion Projects. This is an incredible opportunity for youth groups, Sunday school classes, children’s churches, etc. Take the challenge to be a participant in this life changing Bible project. Contact Galen at galen@sfthmin.com.

Be a part of this Compassion Project in this coming year. When you choose your child from one of the four (4) selected projects, we will give you access to visit your sponsored child.

Contact our office at 903-784-5705 or email Galen at galen@sfthmin.com for more information on child sponsorship.

Click here to visit Compassion International.

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