Straight From The Heartís goal is to place a bible, autographed by YOU in the hand of every child in their selected four Compassion Projects. This is an incredible opportunity for youth groups, Sunday school classes, childrenís churches, vacation bible school, etc. Take the challenge to be a participant in this life changing Bible project.

Return them to us and our missions team will personally
give them to the children in Nicaragua.

Below is a list of all the Bibles and childrenís books needed for our annual missions trip. Select the Bible that you would like to sponsor, you will then be directed to a secure site where you can place your order. The bibles will be sent directly to you, giving you the privilege of writing a personal message and placing a picture in each Bible.

Full version Old & New Testament Bibles for Adults and Pastors.

• 24 bibles per case

$59.76 +
$10.00 freight

$69.76 per case
New Testament Bibles for Youth ages 12-18.

• 50 bibles per case

$47.50 +
$10.00 freight

$57.50 per case
Introduce a child to Jesus with this easy-to-read New Testament.

• 40 bibles per case

$70.00 +
$10.00 freight

$80.00 per case
A presentation of Scripture selections from Jesus' life.

• 100 books per case

$50.00 +
$10.00 freight

$60.00 per case
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