Q: Can I make a one-time donation? 
A: Yes. select the "Make One-Time Donation" button to send a one-time donation.

Q: How would I benefit from using your recurring donation program? 
A: A scheduled giving program frees up your valuable time and energy for other necessary tasks, but still allows you to make the difference you want to make.

Q: How does Straight from the Heart benefit when I use their recurring donation program? 
A: A recurring donation program will allow Straight from the Heart to better estimate available resources for a given period of time. As a result more accurate budgets can be created for various programs and projects.

Q: Can I choose how many repeated gifts I want to give? 
A: Yes. To indicate how many times you wish to give, choose the button indicating the number of years you wish to commit to.

Q: Can I make changes to my scheduled giving? 
A: Yes. We recommend to set-up your own paypal account with your own username and password. This gives you access to manage your account.

Q: What is an e-check? 
A: An e-check is an electronic fund transfer, with this type of transaction you must create a paypal account. Once your paypal account is linked to your preferred bank account, the amount indicated will be debited directly from your account on your sign-up anniversary each month.

Q: Can I use a debit card? 
A: Yes. When using a debit card, information is entered the same way as when you use a credit card. The difference is, with a debit card, funds are instantly taken directly from your bank account instead of being charged to an account for you to pay each month.

Q: How can I be sure my transaction is secure? 
A: Click here for Paypal's security information.

Q: Will my personal and financial information be kept confidential? 
A: Yes. Once your transaction is complete, your credit card number goes to asterisks.

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